Everything You Need for Football Season, at Smith-Caldwell!

difference between a chain pharmacy and an independent pharmacy, gift registry, Benton, AR

Find all of the various items you may need in order to have a successful tailgate by following these tips.

The start of football season means it’s time to make sure you have everything ready for tailgating. And you can find what you need right at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store!

At Smith-Caldwell Drug Store, we are proud to cheer for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and we make it easy for you to show your support too. The difference between an independent pharmacy like us and a chain pharmacy is that we know your community and have the same passions as you! We carry a wide selection of Razorback products, as well as items that you will need for your next tailgate party.
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9 Items Your Family Needs for the Beach and the Pool This Summer

prevention and treatment of sunburns, gift registry, independent pharmacy, Benton, AR

It’s that time of year where you and your family will be heading to the beach or pool for some summer fun! Before you go, make sure you are prepared by having the right items.

Summertime gives you plenty of chances to enjoy the outdoors and get some sunshine, but it also comes with some risks. When you are preparing for a trip to the beach, lake or pool, do not leave without the following items, some of which you can find on our gift registry.

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