What Is the HCG Diet?

hcg diet, hcg injections

The HCG diet is an option for those who desire to lose excess weight more quickly than with traditional dieting. By combining HCG injections with dietary changes, you can enjoy weight loss in a short time.

The HCG diet is a weight loss program that utilizes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to improve the effectiveness of dieting. HCG is a hormone commonly produced by pregnant women to maintain the production of progesterone in the ovaries during the first trimester of pregnancy. HCG triggers nutrient storage and stimulates metabolism in pregnant women, while neutralizing the side effects of malnutrition. Continue reading

Understanding the Different Types of Vaccinations and Why They Are Important

types of vaccinations

Vaccines can significantly lower your risk of catching life-threatening diseases. For this reason, modern medicine has several types of vaccinations available for children and adults.

Vaccines safely expose otherwise healthy individuals to pathogens, or harmful bacteria and viruses, in small doses. This exposure helps the immune system identify and fight the disease by producing antibodies that defend your body against further invasion. Scientists have come up with several types of vaccinations that deliver these pathogens without putting people at risk of succumbing to the illnesses or infections that historically have caused mass fatalities. Continue reading

The Benefits of E-Prescribing for You, Your Doctor, and Your Pharmacist

benefits of electronic prescriptions

E-prescribing is the computer-based creation, transmission, and filling of your prescription. This practice cuts back on paper waste, limits mistakes, and streamlines the prescription filling process.

E-prescribing allows healthcare providers and pharmacists to access key information regarding patient prescriptions from one central, online location. The benefits of electronic prescriptions are far-reaching—you, your doctor, and your pharmacist will save time and money while avoiding potentially life-threatening medication errors. Continue reading

Storing Medications: Why You Have to Take Special Precautions During the Summer

storing medications in the summer

Storing medication at high temperatures can greatly decrease its effectiveness. Learning how to store your prescription properly could save you from taking useless or dangerous medication.

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of over-the-counter and prescription medication. Pharmaceutical manufacturers suggest that almost every form of medication be stored in a temperature-controlled room between 58 and 86 degrees.

Take special precautions when transporting and storing these medications and always follow any additional instructions given to you by your pharmacist or doctor. Continue reading