6 Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist During Your Next Visit

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According to the FDA, nearly 2 million serious adverse drug reactions (ADR) occur every year in the United States. ADRs are the 4th leading cause of death—ahead of diabetes, AIDS, and pulmonary disease—and most of them are completely preventable.*

Pharmacists undergo years of advanced education and specialized training to learn about all the medications you need and their effects on your body. Pharmacists can be a key player on your health care team if you utilize their knowledge correctly. Use this list of the best questions to ask a pharmacist, and make the most of your next pharmacy visit. Continue reading

Consolidate Your Prescriptions: Why You Should Use One Pharmacy

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When you have several prescriptions that need to be filled, getting them all from one pharmacy is safer and more convenient.

When you need to have multiple prescriptions filled on a regular basis, you might be tempted to shop around for the biggest savings at different pharmacies. While this can save you some money, it can also be risky. Safety and convenience the two main reasons why you should use one pharmacy.

Safety Concerns

Pharmacy errors can result in serious and potentially deadly health issues. One of the most effective ways to minimize these risks is to have all of your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy, rather than at different ones.

Having your prescriptions handled by one pharmacy considerably lowers the risk of negative drug interactions. When you go to one pharmacy, your pharmacist is aware of all of the medications you take. This is particularly important when you start taking a new medication that could interact with one of your current prescriptions. Continue reading

Know Your Number: How Monitoring Your Blood Pressure Benefits Your Health

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One in three Americans (approximately 70 million adults) has high blood pressure. More than half of those people fail to keep their blood pressure under control.* 

High blood pressure can complicate, and even cause, several serious health problems, such as strokes, heart disease, and kidney disease. Monitoring your blood pressure numbers and keeping them within a healthy range is vital to your long-term good health and quality of life.
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Our Pharmacists’ Tips and Treatments for Managing Arthritis Pain

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22% of the 52 million adults with doctor-diagnosed arthritis report that pain limits their activities in some way.*

From making positive lifestyle changes to trying a different type or form of medication, you have plenty of options for arthritis relief. Here are Smith-Caldwell’s Pharmacists’ best tips on treatment for arthritis pain. Continue reading