What Is Prior Authorization? Why Do I Need One for My Prescription?

what is prior authorization

Your insurance company may ask for prior authorization before agreeing to cover the cost of certain medications. Understanding how prior authorization works and how to request it can help you to reduce delays in receiving your medication.

What is Prior Authorization?

Prior authorization is a process used to determine if your insurance company will cover a prescribed procedure, service, or medication. To authorize certain prescriptions, your insurance company will request that your prescribing doctor provide more information about your medical needs. This information helps determine if your insurance company will provide coverage for the cost of your medication. Continue reading

What Is the Difference Between Name Brand and Generic Medicines?

difference between name brand and generic drugs

When you are considering a generic version of your prescription, talk to your pharmacist about the differences before you make a decision.

If you have long wondered about the difference between brand name and generic medicines, you are not alone. It is a subject that comes up often during consultations with our pharmacy customers. While each type serves the same purpose, generics are usually significantly cheaper than brand name drugs. But in some cases, generic versions of your prescription are not available. Your body make not even react the same way if you were to switch to an available generic version. So, what are the main differences and which should you choose? Continue reading

Items That Should Be in Your First Aid Kit Checklist

first aid kit medicine list

Be prepared for any kind of accident this summer by stocking your first aid kit with items on our checklists.

School is out, and the time for outdoor adventure has arrived. But if you, your children, or other family members get hurt, stung, ill, or otherwise injured, you need to have some basic items on hand at all times. Are you prepared? To help you get started on stocking your own kit, make sure you can have everything on our first aid kit checklist and first aid kit medicine list. Continue reading

What’s the Big Difference Between a “Big Box” Pharmacy and an Independent Pharmacy?

independent pharmacy in Arkansas

The difference between a chain and an independent pharmacy is bigger than square footage: the ownership, business model, and customer service all play a role, too.

Although you can fill your prescription at one of thousands of locations around the country, that is often where the medical conveniences end at a “big box” pharmacy. Your options are limited by business practices originating in corporate headquarters that are out of control of your local pharmacist. An independent pharmacy, however, is managed by people in your hometown who know that the difference between a chain and an independent pharmacy in Arkansas lies in the personalized services they offer to their customers every day. Continue reading