9 Items Your Family Needs for the Beach and the Pool This Summer

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It’s that time of year where you and your family will be heading to the beach or pool for some summer fun! Before you go, make sure you are prepared by having the right items.

Summertime gives you plenty of chances to enjoy the outdoors and get some sunshine, but it also comes with some risks. When you are preparing for a trip to the beach, lake or pool, do not leave without the following items, some of which you can find on our gift registry.

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What Is a Plantar Wart and How Do I Treat It?

Plantar warts don’t always require treatment, but how do you know if they do? Learn more about these warts, so you can get the care you need.

When you have one or more small bumps or growths on your feet, these might be plantar warts. What is a plantar wart? These are growths that mainly affect the bottoms or heels of your feet. Plantar warts usually cause no major health problems, but you might want to seek treatment for them in certain cases. For those questions that you need to ask your pharmacist, we are always here to help!
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Blood Sugar Savvy: The ABCs Of Diabetes Management

The following tips can help you manage your diabetes, ensuring health and reducing the effects of chronic illness.

I want to make sure I am managing my diabetes correctly. How can I do this?

As with many chronic illnesses, it is essential to keep diabetes under control from the beginning. Managing the disease effectively not only prevents sudden health crises, but also reduces long-term damage to your skin, organs, and blood vessels. Though managing the disease may seem complicated, it is easy to accomplish as long as you remember the ABCs: A1C hemoglobin tests, Blood pressure screening, Cholesterol control, and smoking cessation:
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