Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Medicine Cabinet

Being aware of what is in your medicine cabinet (and when it expires!) can help you avoid injury and prevent error.

While you can afford not to think about some stored items, drugs and medical devices are another story. Unless you regularly clean out, reorganize, and reevaluate your medical products, you risk taking ineffective drugs, relying on outmoded devices, or causing environmental damage. So, in addition to knowing which drugs to take and how long a prescription is good for, you should take a look at your medicine cabinet this spring and give it a good clear-out.
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[Video] The Difference an Independent Pharmacy Makes on You and Your Community

Video Transcript

When you compare an independent community pharmacy to your everyday “big box” chain pharmacy, the personalized care and attention to your health is something that cannot be beat. At Smith-Caldwell Drug Store, one-on-one connections with our customers is really important, which you won’t find at “big box” stores. With us, you don’t have to drop off your prescription and come back hours later to pick it up. At our pharmacy, most prescriptions are filled in minutes. We even have a drive-through window!

But beyond the excellent customer service, an independent pharmacy also has a huge impact on not only your health and wellbeing, but the health and wellbeing of your entire community.

Think about how chronic disease has an impact on your community: Half of all US adults have one or more chronic health conditions. 1 in 4 have two or more. Conditions like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease—you name it—are sometimes more preventable than most people realize.

This is why the health monitoring and education you can receive at a community pharmacy can be a very powerful tool. When you regularly visit one community pharmacy, your pharmacist will know your health history, recognize problems with your medications, and offer you advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

At Smith-Caldwell, our pharmacy team can help you navigate your insurance plan, set up charge accounts and special orders for your medications, and even deliver your medications to your door.

Being healthy keeps you working, taking care of your family, and contributing to the local economy.

You can prevent the spread of the flu and monitor your blood pressure all in one place.

Speaking of one place: Did you know that it is very dangerous to use more than one pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled? If every pharmacy you visit only knows about the prescriptions you get filled there, rather than all of the prescriptions you take, you are putting yourself at serious risk for medication errors. The different medicines you take could cause harmful interactions inside your body.

Make the switch to one pharmacy today. Learn more about your local community pharmacy, Smith-Caldwell Drug Store, at SmithCaldwell.com or call (501) 392-5470 now. We are ready to help you every day of the week!



A Day in the Life of a Compounding Pharmacist

Compounding pharmacies provide services that are not typically available at traditional pharmacies, but what does a compounding pharmacist actually do?

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Traditional pharmacies are responsible for filling commercial, common prescriptions for their patients. Compounding pharmacies are different in several ways. Compounding pharmacies fill customized prescriptions which are specially prepared for patients with specific needs that cannot usually be met by a traditional pharmacy. Compound pharmacies use innovative technology to manufacture prescriptions that may contain multiple drugs and alternative dosing strategies.
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Low Testosterone: What Does It Feel Like?

what does low testosterone feel like

Low testosterone can present in different ways; these are some common symptoms that could signal that you have low testosterone. 

Having a low testosterone level can cause a wide range of symptoms, but these conditions can be treated. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a role in promoting sperm production, supporting strong bones and muscles, and maintaining a healthy libido. This hormone starts to decline with age and is considered low when it falls below 300 ng/dL. Knowing what low testosterone feels like can help ensure that you see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment, such as testosterone preparation.
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