Blood Sugar Savvy: The ABCs Of Diabetes Management

The following tips can help you manage your diabetes, ensuring health and reducing the effects of chronic illness.

I want to make sure I am managing my diabetes correctly. How can I do this?

As with many chronic illnesses, it is essential to keep diabetes under control from the beginning. Managing the disease effectively not only prevents sudden health crises, but also reduces long-term damage to your skin, organs, and blood vessels. Though managing the disease may seem complicated, it is easy to accomplish as long as you remember the ABCs: A1C hemoglobin tests, Blood pressure screening, Cholesterol control, and smoking cessation:
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Our Perfect Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day gift ideas + Benton, AR

Mother’s Day should be a time of celebration, so don’t let choosing a gift be stressful! Here, we break down a few different types of moms and what gifts they will love. 

For the woman who gave you life, picking out a special gift can sometimes feel daunting. But the boutique at Smith-Caldwell Drug Store is here to help. What kind of mom do you think you have? With our guide, you can quickly find Mother’s Day gift ideas that fit her personality and style!
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Top 5 Health & Wellness Products for Your Baby Registry

baby rash ointment, baby registry + Benton, AR

Knowing what to have on hand for your baby can help you treat common ailments and keep your baby healthy. 

When it comes to promoting your baby’s health, it is never too early to get started! A baby registry is a great opportunity to obtain creams, disinfectants, pain relievers, and other medicine cabinet supplies.

The more resources you have on hand, the easier it is to give your baby health and happiness as he or she grows. Thus, when putting together a baby registry in Benton, AR, we recommend that you include these top five picks:
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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Medicine Cabinet

Being aware of what is in your medicine cabinet (and when it expires!) can help you avoid injury and prevent error.

While you can afford not to think about some stored items, drugs and medical devices are another story. Unless you regularly clean out, reorganize, and reevaluate your medical products, you risk taking ineffective drugs, relying on outmoded devices, or causing environmental damage. So, in addition to knowing which drugs to take and how long a prescription is good for, you should take a look at your medicine cabinet this spring and give it a good clear-out.
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